Star Dogs

When I was a kid, I didn't understand that what I saw and felt was not how other's perceived the world around them.  It wasn't until I was in my 20s that I learned that I had synesthesia.  I have at least 10 different forms.  One of them is perceiving other colors on faces or animals as secondary to their naturally seen color schemes.  The Star Dog series is a series of commissioned pet portraits as painted through the lens of that synesthesia.  I started painting little galaxies in their eyes to compliment the overall vibe of the pieces, and I don't actually see their eyes this way- it's just an artistic decision I made regarding the series.

Star Dog pet portraits are high-resolution digital paintings and are available for any kind of pet.  If you're interested in commissioning a portrait, please email me at or contact me through my Instagram.  Portraits begin at 30 dollars.

Handwritten, cursive signature says "pea flower tea" in lowercase letters. The flower is a small sketch of a bloom, instead of the word for "flower".
If an idea doesn't explode orgasms of bright sparks, cascading into and setting my own dark places alight, then I probably won't write about it.

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