pea 🌸 tea is committed to ensuring you're comfortable.

Learn more about what you'll find on this site below.

While there is no place for rape culture in any of Pea's art, the pieces can still be triggering for people with sexually traumatic pasts.  Content may include references to recovering from:

  • sexual violence
  • physical violence
  • incest
  • emotional abuse
  • domestic abuse
  • childhood abuse
  • traumatic responses and triggers
  • PTSD, including descriptions of flashbacks

Pea will never allow content that glorifies or furthers abuse in any way.  While some of these themes may be triggering for others, Pea will never post content that:

  • Sexualizes for fetishizes rape culture in any way
  • Victim blames
  • Glorifies any form of abuse in any way, such as:
    • Art that glorifies emotionally manipulative relationships.
    • Art that misrepresents the proper and safe application of BDSM play.
    • Art that showcases any part of sexual exploration or discovery via the glorification of abuse.
  • Glorifies the sexualization of children
  • Glorifies the sexualization of any specific group of people (i.e. Asian Fetish, BBW fetish, etc.).
  • Violates promises made on this page

trigger 🌸 warnings

In the instances in which art or poetry contains references to themes with blatant triggers, such as direct references to abuse, Pea will always post a pop-up on individual content that informs guests with a trigger warning before showing the content. Guests may choose to click a link to be taken back to the previously visited page.

positive 🌸 erotica

Further, Pea's commitment to inclusive, positive erotica means that you'll find themes such as:

  • Healthy relationships of all kinds, including a full spectrum of LGBTQ+ relationships, in addition to hetronormative erotica.
  • Monogamous relationships and polyamorous relationships
  • People loving every version of themselves, regardless of race, color, religion (creed), gender, gender expression, age, sexual preference, national origin (ancestry), disability, marital status, sexual orientation, or body type.  The human condition is most beautiful as it naturally exists inside of us, and Pea strives to hold this beauty as a mirror for you to love yourself.
  • In instances when themes may benefit from access to education to further healthy practices, such as using BDSM to heal after trauma, users will be directed to a page where they can learn more.