One of the first things I poured myself into as Covid-19 put my area into the first lockdown phase was floral sketches. I began turning them out back to back, unbottling my personal fears into beautiful things. It felt like drawing joy.

I still enjoy botanical sketches, but none came so dearly to my heart as this first collection, created in the spring of 2020.  Each reference came from my personal life. I photographed the plum blossoms in Tokyo, at a Shinto shrine with my husband. The succulent was grown by my best friend. The pitcher plant hangs on my front porch. We call him Waterford.

I’m most proud of the sketch of Waterford if I’m to be honest. I lost myself in the detailing and stayed up late into the night shading all of his lovely curves.

Handwritten, cursive signature says "pea flower tea" in lowercase letters. The flower is a small sketch of a bloom, instead of the word for "flower".
If an idea doesn't explode orgasms of bright sparks, cascading into and setting my own dark places alight, then I probably won't write about it.

Tell me something that moves you.

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