Pencil sketch of bougainvillea.

This space is under transformation.

Pea is also mid transformation, and hopes your own transformations are powerful.

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Pea is a poet with a distinct passion for changing the narrative on intense sexuality.  She uses her poetry to advocate that a voracious sexual appetite is healthy.  She believes that sex work is community work, that BDSM is valid as a healthy form of sexual expression, and that love is love for all consenting adults.  Pea believes there is no room for toxicity and rape culture in her art, and combats it through her poetry.

self improvement.

Pea firmly believes it is the responsibility of every human to be present within themselves.  A sexual violence survivor, she is open about her recovery and focuses a great portion of her art on creating a safe space for survivors to have a voice in their own trauma recovery needs.

graphic illustration.

Pea believes art is fundamental for challenging the status quo.  Advocacy, resistance, and passionate self-love are themes frequently found in her sketches and paintings.  She believes that art provides a sacred voice to everyone, and proudly pushes censorship boundaries.

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